I.R.C (2)


YES! Piles can be treated without surgery. Infrared coagulation {IRC) is the new treatment for piles.

Infrared coagulation IRC is a procedure in which the piles mass is Coagulated, with the help of infra red irradiation with a specially designed IRC instrument. IRC a non coherent multispectral light source whose spectral maximum is 10000 Angstrom, a wave length which has proven very effective for coagulation.One prerequisite for contact photocoagulation is the anti- adhesive effect of the contact tip. IRC is more effective than laser in achieving homeostasis of blood vessels below the tissue surface. The mechanical pressure reduces blood flow & brings the blood vessels closer to the surface where a minimal energy dose is sufficient to achieve coagulation. When IRC is activated, the mucosa & veins are coagulated and seal to the muscular is thereby reducing blood flow to the tissue.We had 629 patients having 1st , 2nd degree hemorrhoids and also those who got haemorrhoidectomy done earlier. All the patients were subjected to IRC and time taken for the procedure was 15mins-30 mins. All the patients withstood the procedure well. The patients went home on their own and except for mild itching or mild pain nothing exceptional was noticed.
Results were excellent and the patients got relieved of their symptoms.IRC is well tolerated and can be used safely in pregnancy, HTN, DM safely. During the procedure there is no sparking, explosion & electricity does not pass through the body. It is even safe in patients with pacemakers. Moreover there are no side effects.

Advantages of IRC Treatment :

Non contact, ultra precise and bloodless procedure including cutting, coagulation and vaporization of soft tissue. Ensures extraordinary precision of microinvasive procedures made impossible with other methods.

  • Quick relief from piles and related ailments
  • Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive treatment.
  • World acclaimed IRC Technology.
  • First and oldest machine in Distt Gurdaspur
  • Professionally motivated medical team
  • No Hospitalization required.
  • No Pain.
  • Immediate return to routine work
  • Safe to Diabetics.
  • Pregnancy is not a contraindication
  • Affordable cost.
  • Can be done in O.P.D

I.R.C can also be used in:

  • Haemangiomas.
  • Cervical Erosions and Leucorrhoea.
  • Removal of small black pigmented moles.
  • Small Warts.
  • Arrest of Bleeding.