Cryo Surgery



Cold treatment – Cryosurgery for piles or Cryo-Hemorrhoidectomy

There has been a long search for the best method of treatment for hemorrhoids/piles. In an operating room, pain is an uninvited guest ,thanks mostly to anesthetics. Anathesia does not however prevent post operative soreness which can last for days or weeks, this lengthens the stay at the hospital, raises cost , and heighten the risk that fear will cause an individual to postpone needed surgery.
New tecnological variation on a centuries old concept – chilling injured tissues to bring relief, is gaining popularity in the medical field. This techinque is called cryo-surgery or surgery done under cold temperature using a metallic probe to replace the surgeons scalpel.
Cryosurgery done for the treatment of piles is called cryo-hemorrhoidectomy.


The patient is asked to come for surgery with an empty bowel and have adequate breakfast


A cryo probe of specific size and shape with an active end of 3-4cm ,length with the help of a cryogenic gas such as nitrous oxide ,giving a low temp of -98degree c , is applied directly over the pile mass for a few seconds, after which it is allowed to re warm.this freeze-thaw cycle is repeated and all the masses are dealt with. Patient is observed for 2-3hrs ,and sent home with a short prescription.


Patient can feel relief almost immediately, and he is able to walk soon after surgery. He can go back to his daily routine the very next day depending upon his determination and need for attention

Post-Operative period:

Post-operative course is usualy uneventful, there is no watery discarge unlike the older methods. Patient may complain of pain likened that of cold burning sensation which can be relieved by analgesics. Patients may pass stools along with some mucus and blood for a few days, this is the disintergration of the pile masses

Total healing takes 2-3 weeks:

Patients are given a course of medicine for a week. Follow-up examination after healing period for any remaining pile mass. Any remnants or skin tags are treated if necessary.

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